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Fortellis Tops 10 Million Transactions
Since its debut in March 2018, the Fortellis platform has continued to offer new and innovative connections … read more
Opening up after COVID-19:  Ohio
Ohio is often called “the heart of it all”, and like most of the country, that heartbeat is getting stronger every day … read more
Expand ridesharing service to the Parts department
CDK Global publishes exciting new Hailer add-on to the Fortellis Marketplace. … read more
Fortellis In-Vent: CDK Payment Settling BETA Round Table
Join us on Thursday June 25th for a live round-table discussion … read more
Avoid these common mistakes in your API development process
This month, we’re looking at common mistakes to avoid if you want to maximize the effectiveness … read more
CDK Payment Settling API on Fortellis
New Fortellis API supports settling of remote payments by third party payment processors … read more
Hailer V 1.4 Release Notes
Hailer’s value proposition grows with new productivity and reporting enhancements … read more
New Fortellis Plugin for Visual Studio Code Simplifies APIs
New Visual Studio Code extension simplifies the Application Programming Interface spec process … read more
Woman wearing mask

Coronavirus and COVID-19. These two terms meant nothing to us a few weeks ago. … read more

Lots of opportunities. Lots to explore. Lots to play with.
Even if you know next to nothing about cars, you can find a gold mine of developer opportunities working with automotive dealerships. … read more
A message from Brian Krzanich
What is best for you remains at the heart of every decision that we make at CDK Global. … read more
Leaning in to Social Distancing for Success
Fearing a rapid drop in showroom and service lane traffic? We have a few tips that may help … read more