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Third-Party Repair Shops Are Taking a Bite Out of Service Revenue

Third-party repair shops are a real threat. Your best line of defense is to remind vehicle owners that you know their cars, you’re better equipped with the technology to provide preventive maintenance, you use OEM parts, and you can be trusted to provide excellent service at a fair price. But for today’s service shopper, it’s not enough to tell them you’re better. You have to show them how in four important areas.

Knowledge is a huge advantage for a franchised dealership. Your Technicians have specialized training, information and technology at their fingertips that an aftermarket Technician does not.

Transparency in pricing also plays a key role in a customer’s decision. Shoppers need to be shown that the price they’re paying at the dealership is similar if not equal to what they would pay a third-party shop. And even if it’s a little bit higher, make sure they know you’re worth it.

Trust must be earned. Service and maintenance that are included in the price of a vehicle bought at your dealership is a great way to build customer relationships that will transcend the drive to go elsewhere.

Personalization is the connection you can make with a vehicle and its owner. The predictive and proactive maintenance suggestions uncovered with CDK Predictive Service is the personal touch that’ll show customers you truly care.

Predictive Service and CDK Inspect with CDK Neuron* Built In

The worst part of owning a car is the dreaded possibility of unscheduled breakdowns and unplanned repair bills. Using Predictive Service, a feature of CDK Inspect, your Service Technicians will find potential failures before they become the kind of surprises vehicle owners despise. It can quickly identify components that are likely to fail, based on data from similar vehicles across years and even decades. Predictive Service enhances the inspection process, while creating new Parts and Service revenue and keeping customers happy in ways third-party shops cannot.

Increased Revenue and a Superior Customer Experience

Identifying issues of concern to provide proactive and personalized service during routine maintenance will build trust and increase loyalty.

With CDK Inspect and Predictive Service in action, Technicians receive automatic alerts so they can notify customers of potential service failures and make recommendations during a multipoint inspection, saving them time, money and aggravation.

  • Proactively inspect components with a high probability to fail, building customer trust and confidence
  • Increase revenue through targeted inspection points specific to that vehicle during the standard multipoint inspection process
  • Improve Technician efficiency with immediate access to pricing and parts availability for quick and easy job quoting

It’s Time to Bite Back

With CDK Inspect and Predictive Service, dealers can harness the power of AI technology to secure their customer base and win business back from third-party upstarts. Get started by visiting our Fortellis Marketplace listing to activate Predictive Service now.


*CDK Neuron is the intelligence engine utilized by Predictive Service, blending rich market data, leading analytics, and artificial intelligence. It evaluates historical data from millions of repair records, applying advanced analytics and machine learning to identify components with a high probability of failure for a specific vehicle.

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Authored on Fri, 07/29/2022 - 16:52