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Fortellis paves the way for dealers, manufacturers, and software developers to work together to improve automotive retail experiences.

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What is Fortellis

Fortellis is an open platform that seamlessly connects the industry: the dealers, OEMs, software developers, lenders and data providers. It's an online destination where everyone is in it together to discuss the issues, and find mutually beneficial apps and improvements to automotive commerce technology. Because, after all, if the industry's stakeholders aren't talking and working together, how is the technology they use and produce supposed to work for everyone involved?

Why Fortellis?

Our world is changing. Expectations have shifted, and demands have increased. This has forced many in the automotive world to stop, evaluate and reinvent. As we listened to dealers, we found that one of their greatest frustrations was the fragmentation of technology. Apps have emerged from across the industry, yet they don't work well together. This causes sales, productivity and profits to fall short. And, most importantly, it has damaged customer experiences.

Rather than resist, we recognize that it is our responsibility to guide dealers through these industry shifts. We believe that over forty years of innovation and experience have positioned us to play that role. However, we recognize that it will require collaboration within a community that is committed to the dealer, even if a particular app does not come from us.

We need to create a new normal — a way to improve retail operations and deliver ideal customer experiences that don't rely on yesterday's ideas.

Who is Fortellis For?

Fortellis is a platform for everyone involved in the automotive dealership operations process, from dealers and OEMs to industry software developers.

If you're a dealer or involved at any step in that process, you've likely been frustrated with technology apps that are supposed to make your job easier and the customer experience better. Often, the apps do the exact opposite. And maybe you told yourself well, that's just the way it is. But maybe, you just didn't know where to go to ask for help or find the answers.

If you're a developer, you want to develop your API on one platform rather than customize it for each software app. Fortellis is also the hub for you to connect and collaborate with like-minded individuals to build and test your APIs. Joining the Fortellis developer network gives you the opportunity to do just that — and it results in an amazing experience for the automotive industry.

Our Commitment

We are Committed to creating a truly collaborative open-exchange platform built upon secure data connections, seamless workflow integration and driving automotive retail into its next chapter. We will work continuously to remove all barriers to collaboration and innovation, while exploring new and stronger connections within our industry.

Come build fortellis with us

Fortellis is a team of bold thinkers who are passionate about building apps for the automotive industry. Fortellis is founded and owned by CDK Global and shares their commitment to automotive innovation. Job postings for the Fortellis team can be found on the CDK Global careers page.

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Fortellis Values

We are dedicated to stimulating innovation through responsible and secure open source development methods.
We are an open, industry-agnostic platform committed to reducing friction points in the exchange of data.