APIs and Apps to Support Dealer Fixed Operations

Fixed Ops is the mainstay of any dealership, and many of the processes and workflows are being modernized and automated to meet customer experience demands and productivity efficiencies for dealers. Building customer loyalty and boosting retention is critical, as is implementing electronic dispatching and accommodating the emerging trends of battery-powered EVs.

With Fortellis, our goal is to deliver rich, modern APIs to support the modernization of Fixed Ops workflows and to drive innovations in Service applications.

Parts is becoming an integral component of Service, and preventative maintenance and telematics offer further automation of appointments and the ability to provide real-time diagnosis in Service lines.

Electronic dispatching is bringing in the need for cloud-based service pricing and immediate access to service history, denied work and warranty recalls.

We continue to advance and extend our APIs and apps to support Fixed Ops.

  • Working with GoMoto, we’ve extended the Service Kiosk experience to Open RO, advancing the consumer experience and innovating the check-in, appointment and repair order workflows to deliver an optimized customer and dealer experience.
  • Working with Cox Automotive, we’ve enhanced Xtime, Engage and Inspect with the ability to create and update ROs.
  • Working with UpdatePromise, we’re enabling the automation of payments. An upcoming API will offer the ability to present invoices within their Fixed Ops workflow.

Customer loyalty demands ongoing modernization of existing and new services within Fixed Ops, extending to Incentive Management.

Well-documented modern restful APIs are simpler to consume, and create speedy innovation in Fixed Ops for ISVs and Dealership groups.

Our partners are now contributing innovative third-party APIs to complement our existing workflow APIs, including safety recall and tire APIs. We look forward to continuing the expansion and advancement of our open and agnostic approach to the modernization of Fixed Ops workflows.

What's Next for You?

If you are a developer, begin by viewing the latest APIs in our API Directory and join the Fixed Ops technology revolution.

If you are a dealer, check out our growing catalog of Apps in the Fortellis Marketplace to help your fixed operations team meet their goals for the future.

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Authored on Wed, 09/30/2020 - 15:26