The holiday season is always a time of reflection for me, and as part of the Fortellis team, there is so much to be thankful for this year. Beyond the milestones of millions of transactions, the 10X growth in app listings and the thousands of dealers our platform is serving, it’s how we’re helping dealers and their customers that matters the most. Here are some of the Fortellis apps you’ll be thankful for too, after subscribing to them in the Fortellis Marketplace.

Spreading Christmas Cheer with Video

Posing in a Santa hat or walking around in the snow is a great way to spread holiday cheer as your sales team helps customers find the right vehicle to park under their tree. Here are some great tools to make these holiday-themed Sales videos easy to share:

SnapCell CDK Elead CRM Integration

By: SnapCell Inc.

Say goodbye to impersonal email and wasted leads. SnapCell helps you build rapport with customers and make more sales through the power of personal video.

  • Easy and reliable, SnapCell creates personal videos to engage with your customers
  • Log all activity seamlessly into your CDK Elead CRM with SnapCell integration Customer data is prepopulated into SnapCell, eliminating the need for duplicate data entry
  • Customer data is prepopulated into SnapCell, eliminating the need for duplicate data entry.
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TruSales CDK Elead CRM Integration

By: TruVideo Inc.

TruVideo is a complete two-way texting platform which allows customers to quickly receive answers to any questions about the vehicle they are interested in.

  • Videos are delivered via text or email and customers can stream the video directly from their smartphone
  • Customers don’t need to download an app. They will receive your messages as texts from a dedicated phone number that identifies your dealership and has an opt-out feature.
  • No more missed communication because of an unknown caller ID
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Save the Day with Stellar Transportation like Rudolph

We all remember how Rudolph heroically saved Christmas by guiding Santa through a nasty winter storm. Your Service Advisors can save the day with alternate transportation for service customers who, like Santa, are on a tight timeline.


By: HopDrive

Schedule trips in our easy-to-use dealer portal and HopDrive does the rest. We handle the drives and drivers, insurance, loaner drop-offs and more. Offering a concierge service will help you gain a competitive edge.

  • Get the inventory you need, right now, from a customer’s driveway. HopDrive offers the most upstream appraisals possible for your convenience
  • People don’t have time to get their recalls fixed. Be the dealer who makes it convenient and gain more recall work in return
  • Load balance properly. Accept cars when (and where) it’s best for you
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Hailer Rides

By: CDK Global

Hailer integrates ridesharing technology directly into the CDK DMS, enabling you to reduce costs and offer your customers an easy and cost-effective alternative to traditional temporary vehicle solutions.

  • Reduce transportation costs — Eliminate shuttle and rental costs, while supplementing your loaner fleet
  • Save time — Reduce staff time and resources spent on coordinating transportation
  • Improve customer experience — Increase customer satisfaction by reducing wait times
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Elf Magic in the Service Lane

Santa would be nothing without the help of his elves making sure his sleigh is ready to deliver all those presents. Your Service Advisors can work some of that elf magic by speeding up the Service process with remote notifications, approvals and even remote bill pays. Your customers will be thankful for all the saved time as they drive around to complete their Christmas errands.


By: NumberAI

Numa centralizes communication so it’s easy to track your team’s follow-ups, provide real-time coaching, provide templates for common messages, video chat, and review requests.

  • Make it easy for customers to get status updates while coaching your team to be responsive
  • Keep customers informed with automated RO status updates
  • Simplify communications with AI-based auto-responses, shortcuts for messages, video chat, and review requests
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WAVit Payments

By: MiCamp Solutions

With WAVit, your business will have one of the best payment processing solutions on the market — so you can quickly and securely accept credit card transactions online, onsite, or on-the-go.

  • Payment solutions designed to securely protect your business and your customers
  • Accept a myriad of vendor types, including Visa/MasterCard/Discover/AMEX
  • Simplified PCI compliance
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What are We Thankful for at Fortellis?

As 2021 winds to a close, we are thankful for the hundreds of industry developers building the right solutions to help dealers succeed. With thousands of active subscriptions, we’re working hard every day to help developers connect, collaborate and innovate. These amazing solutions are just a sample of the solutions available today in the Fortellis Marketplace. We're certain you'll be thankful when you find the right one for your dealership.

Authored on Fri, 12/17/2021 - 19:33