Recently I had the honor of presenting at the Fortellis (dev) day conference. This latest event truly demonstrated Fortellis' commitment to empowering automotive industry engineers and developers with developer tools, APIs and a marketplace for their apps. The Fortellis pillars of connectivity, collaboration and innovation align perfectly with our mission at Foster Strategies Group to be #BetterTogether.

I was speaking right before the kick-off of a three-day hackathon, so I wanted to offer insights from the perspective of an automotive performance strategist. Since many (dev) day attendees were part of my core audience, my presentation, “Hacking Automotive Success,” had strategic business tactics for everyone.

My presentation covers 15 success hacks that are proven and profitable, plus the background on why they work and the “who” that most companies are currently missing.

One of my favorite success hacks is breaking away from legacy thinking and results. This begins by adopting a "what is possible" mindset. Once you get out of the “single lane” way of thinking and start sharing more possibilities with your customers, you can learn what to do next.

Fortellis Dev Day

Providing a product to your customers is something any business can do. Committing yourself to becoming a valued partner and asset to your customers is how you can stand out in a world where you have more competitors than ever before. No partnership can grow without deep understanding, and thanks to CDK Global’s Fortellis developer platform and marketplace, the data you need to have that understanding is easier to attain than ever before.

I hope you enjoy these success hacks and performance strategies as much as I enjoyed presenting them at (dev) day.
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Authored on Wed, 07/07/2021 - 14:21