Brian Miller
by Brian Miller

Using Fortellis Apps to Improve Fixed Operations Workflow

I first heard the phrase “from bricks to clicks” when I working as a dealership Internet Director in the late 90s. This was at a time when the most commonly asked question on technical support calls was “Where’s the Any key on my keyboard?” While Parts and Service departments saw large investments in inventory tracking and diagnostic tools, Sales Managers continued to use paper logs and dry erase boards to run their departments. This changed in the 90s as Sales began to adopt new technologies driven by the prospect of extending their advertising online.

For the next 10 years, the best software solutions were built with vehicle sales in mind. Everything from lease calculation and inventory distribution to CRM and social media solutions were being presented to dealers. In the last decade, the technology gap between variable and fixed operations has closed. When Fortellis launched its App Marketplace, the first active app was designed to solve workflow problems in the Service Lane. This app and many more are available for you through Fortellis.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the Fixed Operations apps available through Fortellis.

Service Apps

Hailer: This industry-leading app allows you to take advantage of rideshare services to transport customers or Service staff. This can reduce the need for expensive shuttles and loaner cars, improve CSI scores and increase service upsell opportunities. The solution works with CDK Drive and even adds the costs to your Repair Order.

Repair360: This is a complete reconditioning management system that provides visibility and enforces process throughout reconditioning. With its deep integration to CDK Drive Repair Order, this tool removes the need to switch from one program to another.

techWALL: A holistic product that addresses all aspects of managing a service department.  With CDK integration, this tool increase productivity in the drive, improve communication with consumer, increase efficiency and ultimately improve profitability.  

Xtime: This web-based appointment tool is deeply integrated with CDK Drive, allowing users to schedule service appointments remotely.


GoMoto: This kiosk-based service provides a touchless way for service customers to check in their vehicle, select services and drop off keys without direct person-to-person contact. The kiosks are completely integrated with CDK Drive to offer services and schedule appointments in real time.

Parts Apps

Hailer Delivery: This exciting new service allows your Parts department to use rideshare services to deliver parts to customers or pick up parts needed on demand. With deep integration into CDK Drive, the system automatically adds the transportation costs to your Parts Order.
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Insignia Accessories: This tool allows both Parts counter and Sales team members to quickly customize vehicles with the most popular vehicle accessories. Show your customers their new vehicle customized with OEM and aftermarket accessories.

Authored on Mon, 10/05/2020 - 14:06