An interview between Brian Miller and Collin Davis.



I had the pleasure of meeting up with Collin Davis, CEO of Cartender, a digital marketing technology company that specializes in scalable, data-driven video content for the automotive industry. Our conversation took place just outside of Digital Dealer 27, held at the Mandalay Bay Casino and Resort in in Las Vegas, NV (Aug 21 2019)

We began by talking about how Cartender was able to offer its industry leading Model Video API on the Fortellis platform.

“With Fortellis, we really saw an opportunity to make video available for the masses” said Collin. “We took our internal API and made it available on Fortellis. If you have an app you are building, you can add our Model Video content into any of your solutions.

After learning how it all began, I had to ask the obvious question: “What’s new?”

We’ve created a product called Vehicle Marketing Studio” Collin said with a smile. “We are scaling this using data feeds and we have our own content library you can mix into that, so you can have a really nice, full-motion video that is automatically created for you, using our system.

As I processed the full impact of this new service, more ideas began to flow. “So, you could literally take the internal Quote and Calculation API on Fortellis and show at the beginning of the video show a penny perfect payment?

The ideas didn’t stop there. Watch the whole video interview here, on

Check out the Cartenter Video Player on the Fortellis Marketpalce or visit the Cartender Model Video API spec here on Fortellis, to learn more.

Authored on Thu, 09/12/2019 - 17:02