If you attended our first-ever CONNECT event, you know just how valuable and insightful it was for all who participated. If you missed it, don’t worry — we’re providing the content to you on demand.

Watch Fortellis experts demonstrate the capabilities of our API-based technology platform and preview the newest APIs from CDK Neuron, our next-generation intelligence engine. The videos below will show you how you can use Fortellis to start connecting, collaborating and innovating today.

Why Fortellis?

Innovation is becoming an industry norm. Fortellis is designed to connect developers and dealers to bring innovation to the forefront of the automotive industry. Dealers, developers and OEMs alike are ready for solutions that take hours — not months — to implement.

Dealers want to quickly add new integrated solutions to solve problems. Developers want to be able to quickly innovate to meet the ever-evolving needs of dealers. And OEMs want to rapidly deploy universal workflows that benefit both dealers and vehicle owners.

Given the complexity and speed of things today, we’ve defined our purpose as an agnostic enabler of end-to-end automotive commerce to service the entire industry. Fortellis is a key mechanism for us to fulfill that objective.

Watch this highlight to learn about the three main components of the Fortellis platform.

Can a Dealer Publish Their Own Apps on Fortellis?

Absolutely! Fortellis is a platform for everyone involved in dealership operations — from dealers and OEMs to industry software developers.

Fortellis is built to bring your ideas for new solutions, apps, and integrations to life. Whether you choose to keep your solution private for internal use, or you want to profit and make your solution public, both capabilities are available for you.

Watch this highlight to see how dealers are leveraging the Fortellis platform.

Intelligent Automotive Retail with CDK Neuron

Data is transforming every industry — especially the automotive industry. At its core, the auto industry is built on data. We're invested in unlocking that data and turning it into action for auto dealers and manufacturers with CDK Neuron.

Neuron is our next-generation intelligence engine that blends rich market data, leading analytics and artificial intelligence to create actionable insights that help automotive leaders make smarter and faster decisions.

While our dealer clients will start to see these insights embedded directly into the products they currently use, we’re also excited to introduce CDK Neuron-based Async and Insights APIs to Fortellis.

Watch this highlight to see what Neuron’s portfolio of solutions on Fortellis can do for you.

Async APIs boost Sales and Improve Customer Service.

Most automotive companies use a variety of applications from multiple vendors to run their business. Without seamless integrations, the data will be out of sync, resulting in fragmented processes that hurt productivity and customer experiences.

Neuron helps keep data flowing freely between these applications in real time with modern insights and event-driven APIs. These seamless integrations ensure the most up-to-date information is in the hands of the right people when they need it. When an event happens, like selling a vehicle or opening a repair order, notifications are sent between systems in real time. This keeps everyone on the same page within minutes, instead of hours or days.

Watch this highlight to learn how to build customer trust with CDK Drive Repair Order Async API

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