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Full RO Access in No Time

Industry providers now have write-back access to Repair Orders within their CDK DMS. Fortellis keeps innovating with easy-to-use and responsive integrations. Create, read, edit and monitor repair orders with the CDK Drive Repair Order API Bundle.

Building on the popularity of the original bundle, CDK Drive Repair Order V2 streamlines ways to develop faster and more robust integrations.

This new bundle version includes the following APIs:

What’s New?

New features in the CDK Drive Repair Order Bundle include:

  • Creation of special PDI and vehicle inspection orders — a new dealership-specific option allows you to create “internal” repair orders when an existing order is not associated with a customer. This feature was added based on multiple ISV requests.
  • Expanded capability to query RepairOrders, by the following criteria:
    • Vehicle ID
    • Customer ID
  • Added a 'jobStarted' flag to each service line item. The ISV application can then avoid updating these service lines and lower the number of errors/delays in writing service lines
  • Moved the common helper lookup functions to the CDK Drive Workshop
  • Added Management API to facilitate better API function and performance
  • Updated endpoint based on new CDK pricing model


How Do I Switch?

Workshop functions will be moving to their own dedicated API. This means some function calls previously handled by CDK Drive Repair Order API require redirection to the Workshop Management API. This involves minor code changes, and all functionality has been preserved.

When Do I Have to Switch?

CDK Drive Repair Order Bundle V1 will be discontinued following the End-of-Life schedule listed below. We encourage you to begin the migration process soon to take advantage of the new functionality and ensure you have time to complete it before the planned end date.

  • 9/30/2022: CDK Drive Repair Order Bundle V2 will become available for all developers
  • 10/1/2022: CDK Drive Repair Order Bundle V1 will be removed from the API directory and no new development will be permitted. Existing certified Applications will be supported
  • 6/1/2023: All Certified Integrations must complete migration to CDE Drive Repair Order V2
  • 6/15/2023: CDK Drive Repair Order Bundle V1 will be deprecated and no longer function

For more information on migrating from CDK Drive Repair Order Bundle V1 to V2, check out this informative topic in the Fortellis community.

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