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We’re proud to celebrate the exceptional achievements of our first four app publishers who’ve successfully transitioned from the CDK Global Partner Program to Fortellis! This milestone serves as a testament to the unwavering strength and limitless potential of the Fortellis platform. Join me in congratulating these pioneers who’ve embraced innovation and taken their apps to new heights.

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Auto Rental Systems
Since 1993, AutoAwards has designed, constructed and maintained the most successful automotive rewards and prepaid maintenance programs. Their powerful app offers a comprehensive loyalty and rewards program for automotive businesses. With features like personalized offers, customer retention analytics and seamless integration, AutoAwards is transforming how businesses engage with their customers.

  • Rewards, in-house prepaid maintenance programs, gift cards
  • Completely flexible designs within budget
  • "Keep-it-Local" partnerships with local businesses
  • Turnkey integrations and reporting tools
Fortellis Blog

With a history spanning over 30 years of providing our dealers with leading rewards programs, the role of cutting-edge technology is incredibly important to us. Being an early adopter of the Fortellis Marketplace, we've seen fantastic feedback from our dealers. The onboarding process has been quick and effortless. We're proud to take yet another significant step forward with Fortellis for our dealers.

Jonathan Green
Executive Vice President, AutoAwards

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Auto Rental Systems offers a user-friendly cloud-based solution for efficient courtesy/loaner vehicle management. Designed to streamline operations, ARSLoaner caters to the unique needs of automotive businesses, big and small. With its fully mobile platform and seamless integration plus vehicle telematics, it offers a comprehensive set of tools that save valuable time and resources.

  • Fully mobile platform runs on any device and compatible with iOS and Android
  • OEM-compliant ensures a dealership follows OEM rules eliminating chargebacks and paper forms
  • Full connected car/telematics integration recovers fuel, tracks out of bounds, and gets maintenance alerts
  • Robust reporting and metrics tracks and recovers revenue and optimizes fleet utilization
  • Reservation system schedules loaners to ensure 2112availability and fill your service pipeline
Fortellis Blog
Fortellis Blog

Our cutover to the Fortellis platform was smooth and seamless. The system documentation was comprehensive, allowing us to quickly ramp up our sandbox environment. The responsive Fortellis team supported us throughout our development journey. The thorough certification process gave us complete confidence in our integration. The lightning-fast API endpoints provided a significant improvement compared to the old CDK integration. We experienced a seamless transition for our customers, thanks to the unchanged process. Being on the stable and responsive Fortellis platform is truly satisfying. We are confident that future deployments will be just as effortless.

Chris Irwin
Director of Product Engineering,, LLC

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Nimble Compensation
Nimble Compensation offers a revolutionary software solution for streamlined commission calculations in the automotive dealership industry. Designed to replace cumbersome spreadsheets, this tool simplifies the process of calculating commissions, bonuses and earnings ensuring accuracy and efficiency. With its integration into dealership management systems (DMS) and payroll, Nimble Compensation automates the earnings calculations based on customized pay plans, significantly reducing the time and effort involved.

  • Customized to align with a dealership's specific pay plans
  • Compatible with all departments, including Sales, F&I and Service
  • Capable of handling even the most intricate compensation plans used across U.S. dealerships
  • Reduces commission calculation time by up to 80%, freeing up valuable resources
  • Generates washout sheets automatically and meets all custom reporting needs
  • Designed for simplicity, eliminating the need for complex spreadsheet skills
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We were able to seamlessly pull all necessary Sales, Parts and Service data from CDK using the APIs available on Fortellis. The integration process was well-documented, and Fortellis' support was extremely responsive, which was crucial in getting our software to market quickly. It's exciting to see CDK, through Fortellis, adopting a more modern API approach! The ease of working with Fortellis and their contemporary approach to APIs is creating a more robust ecosystem that benefits CDK dealerships the most!

Zach Spangler
President, Nimble Compensation

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Authored on Thu, 01/25/2024 - 17:15