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Digital Air Strike’s integration on the Fortellis platform allows for a more user-friendly back-end experience, ultimately providing a more seamless experience for dealers to provide qualified lead responses to shoppers faster. As an early adopter, Digital Air Strike helped test and pioneer deep integration with the Elead CRM to create the perfect combination for dealers to truly realize their sales potential.

“Digital Air Strike is always looking for ways to partner with leading automotive vendors to help our dealerships streamline processes and improve engagement with consumers,” said Alexi Venneri, cofounder and CEO, Digital Air Strike. “We’re excited to be the first to market with Fortellis and Elead to offer our leading-edge technology. We see a lot of potential for additional expansion of our solutions on the Fortellis platform. Our patented Response Logix Engagement Platform leverages AI and advanced inventory matching technology to help dealers rapidly respond to consumer vehicle inquiries.”

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The Digital Air Strike platform offers an enhanced response cadence that sends multiple personalized responses to every prospect on behalf of the dealership’s designated sales representatives. This is completed seamlessly without the need for human intervention. However, dealership staff is alerted when consumers engage, and they can jump in at any time. Emails are sent to each lead with a link to a customized website that’s dynamically built in real time for every prospect. This customized website will feature multiple AI-driven vehicle options, lease/finance payments and the ability to value a trade-in. Continued email and text communications automatically nurture each opportunity and are all tailored to the dealership’s existing sales process.

Dealership staff is notified each time the consumer engages with the email or micro-website built for every prospect. This gives them an incredible advantage to be proactive and reach out at the exact time a consumer is in the market to buy.

Recent enhancements to the lead response technology include the ability for dealers to cross-promote alternative vehicle options from all stores within a dealer group, not just the website or showroom for the store the consumer inquired initially. This allows dealers within the group to show an expanded inventory, which is crucial during these times of limited stock.

DAS Blog
DAS Blog

“We’re very pleased to have Response Logix in the Fortellis Marketplace to help dealers get the most from their Elead CRM,” said Sandy Orlando, senior vice president CDK Data and Fortellis. “By leveraging the power of the Fortellis platform, companies like Digital Air Strike can continually push the envelope of what’s possible in today's quickly evolving digital retail landscape."

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Digital Air Strike

Digital Air Strike is the leading social media, intelligent lead response and consumer engagement technology company helping over 7,800 businesses increase consumer response and conversions leveraging patented AI-powered digital technology that generates measurable ROI. A pioneer in digital response, social media marketing technology, and online reputation management solutions, Digital Air Strike deploys industry-specific mobile apps, software, intelligent messaging, and consumer engagement platforms to monitor, respond, improve, and convert more consumers into customers for thousands of businesses in the United States, Canada, and 32 additional countries, including working with seven of the largest automotive manufacturers. More information on the company is available at and

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Authored on Mon, 08/30/2021 - 18:00