You asked the questions and we listned. Here are five great reasons to use Hailer in your dealership's service lane.

1. Hailer is a CSI driven transportation app for your customers

"Customer complaints around transportation are a constant headache at any dealership. How do you make our lives easier as service managers?"

Hailer is a CSI driven transportation app for your customers. Hailer enables you to get your customers on to the next destination in their day quickly without the fuss of and paperwork of rental cars and loaner cars.

2. Hailer integrates third-party services without third-party apps just a simple text message

"Third-party apps can be a nuisance when they get in the way of my service lane workflow. How is Hailer different?"

Hailer seamlessly integrates third-party services without your customers having to learn to use third-party apps. You arrange the ride to the destination for the customer, and a simple text message link is all the customer needs to be picked up and returned to the dealership. The result is a friction free transportation process and more happy customers.

3. Hailer is the quickest way to get your customers in a ride and happy

"CSI numbers fall the longer my customs wait for transportation. How can a Fortellis apps help get my service customers into a vehicle faster and with less friction?"

Hailer is the quickest way to get your customers in a ride and happy. No time needed to chase down a loaner car. No waiting for a shuttle to retune from some far-off destination. No lengthy rentals contracts to read and sign. In a few clicks, a ride is on its way to take your customer on to their next destination.

4. Standard or Luxury match your customers to the right ride experience

"As a luxury brand I’m required to offer transportation in a premium vehicle, how can I meet these requirements with a rideshare service?"

Standard or Luxury, with Hailer you can match your customers to the right ride experience. Luxury franchises dealers can leverage Lyft Lux service, providing a premium ride experience for luxury vehicle owners.

5. With Hailer, you spend less time chasing loaners and more time selling to customers

"How can we get our service writers to spend less time tracking down cars for people and more time addressing customer needs and upselling?"

With Hailer, your service writers stop wasting time chasing loaner cars, managing shuttle drivers or coordinating with an outside rental agencies.

If you’re a dealer looking to expand your transportation options and potentially improve CSI scores in the process, sign up for a guided tour of Hailer here.

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Authored on Mon, 07/15/2019 - 16:33