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Fortellis Showcases Game-Changing Solutions at NADA 2023

At this year’s NADA, Fortellis gave attendees a sneak peek into the future of automotive technology. A crowd ranging from automotive professionals to software vendors and developers stopped by the booth to experience our cutting-edge technology and solutions. Here are just a few of the new developments and solutions we introduced.


New, Modern APIs
Demonstrations of our new, modern APIs were one of the main highlights of the Fortellis booth. The APIs, which include Repair Order Bundle, CDK Elead Sales Bundle and Payment Settling, allow developers to rapidly innovate and provide highly integrated solutions to solve common dealership problems.

CDK Neuron Async APIs
Other exciting APIs on display included the CDK Neuron Async APIs for Repair Order and Appointment. These event- and workflow-driven APIs streamline system integration and provide end users with more control over automating routine tasks, resulting in increased creativity and a shorter development time for data-driven solutions.

The CDK Drive Repair Order Async API uses data from CDK Neuron to deliver detailed repair order information as the data is updated in CDK Drive. Developers got a firsthand look how to use this to monitor the entire lifecycle of a repair order and deliver complete updates within five minutes of changes taking place. Similarly, the CDK Appointment Async API delivers information for appointments as they are scheduled in CDK Drive. Using data from CDK Neuron, this API takes appointment data and delivers updated information across the full lifecycle of an appointment.

Developer Tools in the Fortellis Developer Network
The Fortellis team also presented new App Marketplace features, such as advanced reporting tools for app and API publishers and an improved App Marketplace listings builder. These resources help programmers take full advantage of using the Fortellis Marketplace cutting-edge products and services to retailers.

Fortellis' efforts to make the automotive industry more open and agnostic were met with enthusiasm by show attendees. App publishers in particular were surprised by the openness of the API directory. Overall, the show was a great success — thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth to chat or experience a hands-on demo.

We look forward to seeing the impact our partners' solutions will have on the industry in the future.

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Authored on Thu, 02/16/2023 - 18:25