Since its debut in March 2018, the Fortellis platform has continued to offer new and innovative connections through the use of common APIs and integrated apps. We're excited to announce that Fortellis has just surpassed a milestone of 10,000,000 transactions through the APIs and apps on the platform.

The Fortellis platform's reliability and ease of use is driving the steady growth of new publishers and users. This has fueled a steady growth of transactions through the platform, powering a wide array of functions to meet many needs of dealerships.

Fortellis Enabled Apps for Fixed Operations

Service appointments are being scheduled remotely and seamlessly added to CDK Service by third-party services like GoMoto and Xtime. Our Payment Settling API has aided third-party merchants, including MyKaarma and UpdatePromise, to collect money via text and mobile devices. This has helped improve payment entry efficiency while limiting in-person contact during COVID-19.

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Fortellis Enabled Apps Solve Mobility Needs

“We’re extending our Hailer capability,” said Mahesh Shah, Chief Product & Technology Officer at CDK, in a recent CBT News interview. “Hailer is a great example of a Fortellis App. It started pre-COVID as a partnership with Lyft to help Service customers. The product can now be used as an at-home solution for Service, Parts and Sales. At this point, we have about 1,500 dealers who have signed up for this service.”

Hailer has scheduled over 100,000 rides, moving people, parts and reporting costs directly into Repair Orders and Invoices.

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Custom Enterprise Solutions

Fortellis is powering innovative solutions for OEMs and large dealer groups and providing rich workflow experiences. These customized solutions allow for fast and dependable near real-time access to critical data.

The Future Looks Bright

“While Fortellis is still in its infancy, we’re excited about what the future holds,” says Brian Miller, Sales Engineer with Fortellis. “Like other online marketplaces, our platform is just starting to build out verticals of offerings to fit the needs of all dealers.”

Over the past few years, the entire Fortellis team has proven the platform’s usability, scalability and reliability. This visionary team is already setting their eyes on 10x growth over the next year as more APIs and Apps are added to Fortellis’ fast growing technology offerings.

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Fortellis is a technology platform that allows the automotive industry to leverage, build, innovate and integrate apps and workflows to transform the automotive business. To start building your next solution on Fortellis, visit the getting started page or view tutorials on the Fortellis YouTube channel.

Authored on Fri, 06/26/2020 - 08:39