Fortellis In-Vent API 201 - Connecting to the DriveRight API

API 201 is the second in a series of live learning events on how to work with modern APIs.  This in-vent was broadcasted live on Wednesday Jan 13, 2021 to demonstrate just how easy it is for a developer to connect their new or existing applications to a Fortellis API.


From Zero to Hero in 5 Minutes

Brandon Boyd from Fortellis, demonstrated how he developed a concept into a working prototype in a matter of minutes, by leveraging the DriveRight API on Fortellis along with several free opensource tools.  This video takes you through the process of outlining an app workflow, locating your desired API, creating an App on Fortellis and connecting to the API using Postman to understand the values being returned.   



Driving Sales with the DriveRight API

Richard Bailey, founder and CEO of DriveRight Data tells us about his exciting new API offering on Fortellis. DriveRight is an advanced set of APIs which provide detailed Tire & Wheel sizing and fitment information for vehicles in the United States, Canada and around the world.



Round Table Discussion

The team gets together to answer audience questions and share their experiences working with the Fortellis platform.  A rebroadcast of this in-vent can be found here.

In-Vent API 201 Roundtable


Ready to Change the World?

If you are not already a registered user on Fortellis, it’s time to get started.  Our fast-growing community of developers and publishers are continually advancing technology to better serve the Automotive Industry.  Come be a part of the revolution in 2021!


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