You know your Service department is more than just servicing cars. It’s also taking care of your customers. Part of that is getting them where they need to go while you’re taking care of their vehicle and in the past, between coordinating shuttles or drivers and maintaining a fleet of loaners, that took time and money and created more than a few headaches.

However, with the prevalence of rideshare services, that part of your business is changing for the better. And now, with CDK Hailer, it’s getting even easier.

Service Managers like Mark Rayray at All Star Hyundai in Pittsburgh, CA are seeing the benefits and they’re not going back.

For Mark, the Service department is what makes the dealership go. “We’re running 8 bays and 6 technicians… in terms of repair order volume, we’re doing about 600-700 repair orders a month.”

That’s 600 to 700 customers whose needs have to be met and often that means getting them somewhere. Managing their needs is a full-time job in itself. “I know all service managers have gotten the phone call: Where’s my shuttle driver? He forgot to pick me up.”

With Hailer, offered exclusivly on Fortellis, Lyft has been seamlessly integrated within service software so there’s no going back and forth to different platforms or losing track of a rider. With a click or two “we can pick up three, four, five different people at the same time.”

This saves time and money because dealerships can do away with hiring drivers and maintaining a fleet of cars. Mark Rayray and All Star have seen the difference Hailer has made. “Everybody loves it. Everybody is thankful. It’s a no brainer!”

Can CDK Hailer make a difference for your Service department’s bottom line?

“Just do it!” says Rayray. “Just do it. You will see results, guaranteed.”

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Authored on Tue, 06/25/2019 - 16:30