Brian Miller
by Brian Miller

Hailer, a leading ride sharing app for car dealers, announced a new feature today called Flex Rides, designed to expand customer transportation options and make life easier for professionals inside the car dealership.

This exciting new feature allows dealers the ability to text a ride-hail link to customers to provide a Lyft ride to the dealership at the time of their choosing. With the link, the customer receives the convenience of Lyft, without needing to download an external ride sharing app in order to order to receive a ride share back to the dealership.

In the service lane, a customer can receive a ride when their car is dropped off for service and the dealer can opt to issue a flex ride simultaneously. As soon as the car service has been completed, the customer simply clicks the link in the Hailer flex ride SMS message to hail the ride back to the dealership.

For the dealer, there are some additional cost controls and mileage limits to balance offering maximum value to the customer with the ability to manage and optimize monthly ride share spend. The flex ride link is valid for 48 hours and is limited to rides returning directly back to the dealership.

If you’re a dealer looking to expand your transportation options and potentially improve CSI scores in the process, sign up for a guided tour of Hailer.

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Authored on Tue, 07/02/2019 - 16:32