Social distancing is the need of the hour and people disappearing from public places and prioritizing keeping a distance bound to have an impact on your business. You may be fearing a rapid drop in both the showroom and service lanes, which is why we have compiled a few tips that could help you soften the impact on your business while helping flattening the curve of Covid-19. 

Pick-up Drop-off

The scheduled maintenance time clock is not going to stop.  To assure your customers keep up with these schedules, as dealers we can be proactive and offer to pick up the car.  Using the Hailer ride-share app on Fortellis you can leverage ride-share technology to dispatch a single driver to pick up and return a vehicle.  No need to deplete your in house vehicle resources or tie up two staff members, plus with Hailer you can efficiently track all costs with full RO integration.   To learn more about Hailer click here.

CDC approved car cleaning

People are concerned about exposure and while washing hands goes a long way, customers would still be concerned about their car being contaminated. Offering a proper cleaning service approved by the CDC could be a huge win for your detail shop.  When combined with a pick-up / drop-off service you are building a deeper sense of trust with your customers that will keep them coming back to you for years to come! Lear more about disinfecting vehicles and your facility on the CDC web site. 

Leveraging APIs and automation to run lean

Keeping up service levels when faced with staffing shortages and unpredictability may be a challenge in the coming months. Simple tasks such as new vehicle photography may not get done on time.  Your dealership can leverage services like the CarTender app in the Fortellis Marketplace to fetch video assets or even build complete vides on the fly for any new vehicle in inventory.  To Learn more about Cartender click here. 

How can we help you?

While this is a tough time to run a business, it is also a time during which businesses can become hyper efficient and focused.  We want to partner with you for the future, so contact me today to schedule a strategy meeting with your team.

I look forward to helping your organization in the months to come.

Best regards,
Brian Miller 

Authored on Wed, 03/18/2020 - 18:17