Loaners are useful, but a little wasteful.

All dealerships can benefit from having a loaner program in place. They’re a great bargaining chip when closing Service sales that take a long time to complete, they help with customer retention and they can even increase your dollars per RO.
But these benefits come with costs. Service, maintenance, insurance, staffing, organizing and keeping track of which cars are due back when all take money and time. If you don’t accurately manage your fleet and its associated costs, your profitability can suffer.

Hailer: a fleet that’s not a waste of space.

Available on the Fortellis platform, Hailer is a service transportation app that integrates seamlessly with your tech systems to quickly and easily dispatch a rideshare vehicle for service customers through a partnership with Lyft.
Think of all the Lyft drivers in your area as potential Service transportation contractors. They’re just waiting to help take the pressure off your loaner fleet.
Hailer can be an excellent supplement — or even a replacement — for your costly fleets of loaners and shuttles.

Why Hailer? Because s**t happens.

What if you see a sudden spike in long service jobs and all your shuttles and loaners are in use? Or, what if a customer doesn’t return their loaner vehicle when they’re supposed to? What if your shuttle driver calls in sick or is on vacation? Even if you’re spending a lot of time and attention on managing your fleet, issues like these can cost you business. Or even worse, many customers will turn down service completely if they need a loaner and can’t get one, or if they have to spend more than a few minutes in a waiting room.
Hailer lets you tailor the transportation to the needs of your customer, so your loaners are available to customers who really need them and you can keep your focus on closing sales.

The power of integration

Offering vouchers or simply calling a rideshare from the service desk have also become options in recent years. But, using an app that integrates the entire process into your existing systems cuts out multiple steps for a smoother workflow, a faster dispatch, accurate billing and reporting and a satisfying outcome for both customer and dealer. You’re not logging in and out of multiple accounts, and your customer doesn’t have to call for their own ride home.
You can even set fare and distance caps within the platform and, because Hailer puts the cost of the ride directly on the RO, you can adjust limits to find the best settings for your business and customers.

Be a dealer, not a dabbler.

A Service transportation fleet has endless benefits. But wouldn’t you rather use your time and energy to sell cars and service instead of learning how to most effectively manage a fleet?
Hailer gives you the benefits of both. It’s like putting a “fleet” of Lyft vehicles to work for your Service department. Now you can stop worrying about losing money on fleets and focus more on driving revenue in your dealership. You’re maintaining fewer vehicles and using less lot space to store them while still providing an instant ride for your customer.
It’s good to keep some loaners or shuttles on hand because they can be useful in certain situations. But, you should also explore ways to sink less money into them. Hailer is one of the easiest and most effective ways to do that.

Isn’t it time to give your customers — and your business — a Lyft?

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Authored on Thu, 11/07/2019 - 16:28