Why should developers get excited about Fortellis?

Even if you know next to nothing about cars, you can find a gold mine of developer opportunities working with automotive dealerships. The Fortellis platform was built to connect automotive dealerships with developers like you, creating a new resource for fully integrated tech apps that optimize their business processes. Fortellis is also an open platform designed to encourage collaboration among developers and conversation with automotive dealers about what they need and what would be nice to have.

With support at every step and an entire community of like-minded individuals, you’ll have plenty of resources to start tapping into this new source of opportunity.

Get your ideas on the fast track to market.

So why should developers use Fortellis to monetize their APIs and apps? The answer lies somewhere between ease of use, speed to market and breadth of opportunity. The platform connects API developers, software developers and automotive dealers to create one streamlined path from an idea in your head to money in your pocket.

Because it’s an agnostic platform, Fortellis integrates your API or app into commonly used dealership software systems. This opens up more access to an existing market. Remember: each dealership has their own unique needs, services, customers and databases, and it’s important to offer integration with the systems they use today.

How do you make your API a real developer magnet?

If you know the industry you’re working in but don’t know how to use the pieces in front of you, our advice is to build an organization-oriented API based on our guidelines and best practices. This will help maximize the potential utilization and speed to market. If you have an easy-to-understand API to share with other developers, it’s more likely they’ll use it to start crafting apps.

Turn your ideas from pie-in-the-sky thoughts to rubber-meets-the-road action.

Want to see some examples and start coming up with some ideas? Check out the Resources tab to learn how you can get started or head into the Developer Forum to ask questions and start a conversation with other developers.

Authored on Tue, 03/31/2020 - 10:48