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Build Smarter, Faster, Better Systems With Fortellis Innovations

Heavy Truck has come to Fortellis — the secure, open-exchange marketplace used by the automotive industry to promote and inspire innovation and collaboration. With more standardized APIs, and app marketplace options, CDK Global is committed to expanding the Fortellis offerings that connect software developers, OEMs and dealers to create new digital tools for the Heavy Truck industry.

We recently sat down with Marleen De Winter, CDK Product Marketer for Heavy Truck, to talk about some of the exciting new offerings her team is bringing to the Fortellis Marketplace.

Service and Repair

At Fortellis we understand that each dealer is different. Can you talk about some of the unique challenges facing Heavy Truck dealers today?

Marleen: Time is money in our industry, making the need for fast communications between Heavy Truck dealers, drivers and fleet owners essential. To help keep vehicles on the road and on time, we are about to introduce CDK My Repair following our recent and extremely well-received launch of ServiceView Plus for Truck. Both offerings improve communications and speed of service within the truck space. CDK My Repair will give drivers and fleet owners up-to-the-minute status of repairs — greatly reducing dwell time. ServiceView Plus allows for an efficient two-way video communication between dealer and customers for full transparency. This is just the start of our exciting journey to smarter, faster, better.

OEM Partnerships

Fortellis is committed to providing developers, dealers and OEMs with a better way to connect and collaborate. We understand the Heavy Truck team is working closely with several OEMs, using Fortellis to take CDK offerings to the next level.

Marleen: Our team is dedicated to meeting the needs of our Heavy Truck dealer customers so they can operate at peak performance. Because we’re CDK, we’re not only willing, but able to leverage functionality from other CDK tools, like CDK Elead CRM, to help meet CRM demands while also working with OEMs to build tighter integrations.

You’re about to debut several dealer apps in conjunction with OEMs. Can you tell us a little bit about those?

Marleen: Absolutely. We’re hoping to launch at least five integrations this summer with two major OEMs — PACCAR and DTNA. Three will be offered on Fortellis, with even more coming in the second half of the year. This rapid growth of integrations work to strengthen our OEM partnerships while meeting the needs of our dealer customers.

Calling All Developers

While OEMs are a big part of your integration efforts, what about other providers wanting to integrate using Fortellis workflows like Payment Settling, CRM or Digital Retail?

Marleen: Our team welcomes all integration opportunities that benefit our dealers and their customers. Thanks to the common APIs on Fortellis that work with offerings like CDK Drive and CDK Elead, the possibilities are endless.

Now Available for Heavy Truck

Your Parts department systems are about to get easier, faster and smarter, leading to better outcomes for your customers and increased profits for your dealership.

CDK Integration With PACCAR PRWS (Warranty System)

As repair orders with warranty lines are closed, the CDK integration with PACCAR PRWS uses information from the RO to create a draft claim on the PACCAR PRWS warranty system. Rather than rekeying information on the RO to create the draft claim, the user reviews the supplied information, edits as needed, and sends it to PACCAR. CDK Drive integration also provides a status screen, verifying the success of creating each draft claim in the PACCAR warranty system.

Fortellis Blog
Fortellis Blog

CDK Integration With PACCAR OPC (Online Parts Counter)

CDK Drive’s integration with PACCAR OPC will allow customers to easily purchase both PACCAR and non-PACCAR parts (when available) from the dealership, at pricing levels from their CDK system.

CDK Integrations With DTNA Excelerator Featuring DTNA Parts Inquiry With Not on File (NOF)

Our integration with DTNA Excelerator allows dealers to sell parts both available and not available in the CDK Parts system.

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