At Fortellis, we are continually striving to offer a better user experience. Our development teams have been working hard behind the scenes to bring you new functionality within the Fortellis Platform. 

What is the Fortellis Developer Network?

The Developer Network helps developers publish and manage the full lifecycle of their APIs and API-driven apps, providing access to a complete set of tools, processes and documentation to leverage these API's successfully.  

Here are just a few of the many updates provided in the latest Fortellis release:

Updates for API Publishers

Developers looking to publish their API on Fortellis can now add detailed pricing plans.  Monetizing your APIs is easier than ever, thanks to tiered transactional pricing, monthly subscriptions and even free tiers for testing and pilots.  

API Implementation Pricing

Custom terms of service documentation can now be added by uploading a .pdf file for your API subscribers to review and understand.

Sample client libraries for both Java, .net and Node are now available within the interface to help you hit the ground running on building your API’s admin tool, so you can successfully manage API subscriptions.

Within Fortellis you can now view and download API usage reports for your organization’s use.

Updates for App Developers

Developers looking to publish their apps on Fortellis now have the added security and flexibility to self-generate new API keys.

Our enhanced API Directory experience allows you to search our growing list of APIs and provide more detailed information about each one.

The improved Fortellis Documentation portal, make locating the right information easy that ever before.  With extensive documentation and tutorials designed to guide your team through both the development and publishing processes. 

Resource Screen


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Authored on Fri, 03/06/2020 - 00:15