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Fixed operations analytics and reporting continue to advance in the automotive space. ServiceVision by VisionAST offers more choices for dealers looking to make the most of this important workflow by extracting key performance indicators right from your Dealer Management System (DMS).

Fortellis Newsletter

Measure the performance of your entire team with performance indicators such as:

  • Total ROs
  • $/RO
  • Hours/RO
  • ROs/day
  • ELR
  • Labor sales
  • Parts profit
  • Total profit
  • Profit/RO and more

Our solution is designed to help dealership personnel monitor key performance metrics in near real time to drive the profitability of every producer in Service and Parts.

Set targets and pace your month based on working days. Filter by customer pay, internal and warranty, as well as Service Advisor and Technician. Or view your entire enterprise from 30,000 feet.

We’re very excited to join the Fortellis Marketplace and look forward to partnering with dealers on their quest for excellence.

"We’re very pleased to offer VisionAST on the Fortellis platform to deliver extraordinary innovation to dealers. Leveraging the power of the Fortellis marketplace allows companies like VisionAST to be part of a growing number of offerings that are shaping the future of automotive retail."

Michael Fruge
Onboarding and Deployment Manager, VisionAST

About VisionAST

VisionAST is an industry leader in providing actionable dealership performance metrics in fixed and variable operations.

Fortellis is designed to connect automotive retail processes with seamless ease and transparency.

About Fortellis Automotive Commerce Exchange™ Platform

Fortellis is a technology platform that enables the automotive industry to leverage, build, innovate and integrate solutions and workflows to transform business. The Fortellis platform — with its Developer Network and Marketplace — connects software developers, OEMs and dealers so they can create new and unique experiences efficiently and seamlessly. Visit to learn more.

Authored on Wed, 11/15/2023 - 13:56