Keeping your CSI in a good place can feel like you’re constantly playing defense. It may not even matter if the vast majority of your customers regularly has great experiences. A few bad reviews are all it takes to affect your entire business.

But when it comes to your CSI, the best defense is a good offense. And Hailer by Fortellis just might be your MVP. It lets you instantly dispatch a ride for service customers through a partnership with Lyft, thus eliminating the long waiting-room stints, loaner and shuttle hassles and other inconveniences associated with the service lane.

Here are some points to consider when drawing up your CSI game plan with Hailer.

1. Understand the power of the customer review
Reviews are important in every industry these days, but the notion of “customer review as king” is particularly poignant for auto dealers. People will research online for something that costs $10, so of course they’re going to poke around for high-involvement purchases like cars and maintenance.

That’s why you have to make sure you’re doing everything you can to keep those 5-star reviews flowing in. Hailer lets customers know you don’t see lengthy shuttle rides and waiting room stays as “just the way it is.” It shows them you’re thinking about their experience and doing everything you can to make it better.

2. Get out ahead of reviews
Some say you should tackle bad reviews as soon as they’re posted so customers are able to see your rebuttal. But is that effective enough or is the damage already done? Wouldn’t you rather go on the offensive and shut down negative reviews before they happen?Blog Get out ahead of reviews

You can use your own CSI information to identify and address “pain points” in your business, then deploy solutions to mitigate negative customer experiences.

Hailer is a proactive way to get ahead of negative reviews pertaining to service transportation by helping your customers get where they need to be quickly.

3. Know that manufacturers are keeping score
Manufacturers know that good or bad service impacts your sales and that a low CSI score can cost them millions in the long run.

That’s why a simple and easy-to-use CSI-booster like Hailer is so valuable. A quick ride home during vehicle service can be a game-changer when it comes to the customer’s overall experience.

When treating customers right is an integral part of how you do business, manufacturers take note.

4. Better culture plays into better CSI
Simply put, if a customer likes the service they receive and the people they receive it from, your odds of a 5-star review skyrocket. Hailer is an easy way to boost culture by keeping employee morale high and proving to customers that you care about their experience.

In addition, your employees will be providing transportation to happier customers without the piles of paperwork associated with loaners, making their work smoother and more enjoyable.

What happens when the customer is happy, your employees are happy, you’re happy and the manufacturer is happy? Everybody comes out on top and so does your CSI. Chalk it up as a big win for dealers.

See how Hailer can put you on offense—learn what it can do for your CSI and sign up for a quick guided tour here.

Authored on Fri, 12/06/2019 - 16:27