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Quality Virtual Tour is the latest addition to the Fortellis Marketplace to help car buyers bridge the gap between the physical dealership and the virtual one. By creating highly engaging and beautiful tours that are scaled to desktop and mobile, we’re reinvigorating the buying process and changing the way customers browse for cars online.

What’s New About This?

When a customer comes to a dealership, the cars don’t spin around. The salesperson walks the customer around the vehicle, opens the doors and shows them the features. Quality Virtual Tour provides virtual walkarounds of a vehicle to anyone, anywhere in the world.

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How Does It Work?

We create a virtual fleet of vehicles for sale — broken down by make and model, new or used. Customers can select a vehicle from a menu and instantly start a walkaround. Clicking on vehicle history provides them with the price, vehicle information and vehicle history reports.

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Why Is Interactivity Important?

Adding levels of interaction — like popping the hood, opening the trunk and seeing inside, sitting in the driver's seat and opening the sunroof, or putting rows of seats up and down — helps customers get a greater sense of owning the vehicle. A virtual fleet is the only solution that gives customers that sense of ownership from anywhere.

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How Is a Virtual Fleet Better Than Videos or Spin Displays?

It’s hard for customers to get a good look at a vehicle through scrolling, spinning or watching a few seconds of a video. By letting them control how they view and interact with a vehicle, they will spend more time per vehicle.

In real estate, virtual tours help close sales 75% faster than traditional marketing. It’s time to bring those numbers to the automotive industry.

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Authored on Tue, 12/27/2022 - 13:31