In today's fast-paced automotive landscape, innovation, strategy and technology drive progress. Central to this transformational journey? Apps. Amidst the dynamic offerings of the Fortellis Platform, car dealership apps from our Marketplace emerge as beacons, lighting the path for dealerships toward new realms of success and excellence.

A Marketplace Like No Other
Fortellis isn't just a marketplace; its where automotive know-how meets cutting-edge technology. Each dealership app on the platform holds the potential to redefine dealership benchmarks, ushering in a new era of efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Guide Your App Adventure
While the allure of these apps is undeniable, navigating their full potential can be a tad overwhelming. As you explore, a guiding hand can enhance your journey. With that in mind, we've put together some tips and tricks to ensure you harness the maximum benefits of the Fortellis Marketplace offerings.

Define Your Needs
It's crucial to align the apps you choose with your dealership's unique needs. Here's a quick checklist to help guide your selection:

  • Operational Needs: What areas need improvement or automation?
  • User Feedback: What are your staff's pain points with current systems?
  • Customer Experience: Which customer touch points can benefit from app integration?
  • Budget Allocation: What's your tech budget? Are there apps that offer more bang for your buck?

Regular App Check-Ins
Stay updated and leverage the latest app features for optimal results. Here's a set of questions to periodically ask yourself:

  • App Inventory: Have you reviewed all active apps within your Fortellis Subscription Portal? Are there any apps that are no longer being used and should be deactivated?
  • Feature Usage: Are you using all the features the app offers? If not, why?
  • Performance Review: Has the app delivered on its promised results? Are there metrics to support this?
  • Feedback Channel: Have you provided feedback to developers on your user experience?

Integration Is Key
Ensure seamless interaction between your chosen apps and existing systems. Here’s a checklist to aid your integration process:

  • Compatibility Check: Does the app support integration with your current Dealership Management System (DMS) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems?
  • Data Flow: Will the app require continuous data from other systems? If so, can your current infrastructure support it?
  • Training Needs: Will your team require training to use the app effectively once integrated?
  • Support Availability: Does the app developer offer support during and post integration?

Engage and Feedback
A solid relationship with app developers can help harness the true potential of an app. This mutual engagement goes beyond just reporting issues or requesting features. If you maintain open communication and understand their vision and challenges, you can also ensure that their real-world needs and feedback are genuinely considered in the app's evolution.

  • Open a Line of Communication: Prioritize submitting accurate feedback directly in the app listings. This not only aids developers in refining their offerings, but also helps other users in finding the right app based on genuine experiences and insights.
  • Be Specific With Feedback: Instead of generic comments, offer detailed insights or examples when discussing app functionality or features. This will help developers understand your perspective better and lead to more effective solutions.
  • Stay Updated: Regularly check for any responses or updates from the developer based on your feedback. This not only keeps you informed but also shows developers that you’re actively involved and invested in the app's success.
  • Celebrate Successes: Positive feedback is invaluable. If a feature or update has significantly benefited your dealership, share that with the developers. It’ll foster goodwill and encourage them to keep innovating.

Chart a Digital Path Forward
The Fortellis Marketplace offers a variety of apps designed to empower dealerships like yours. But beyond these tools, it's the strategy and insights you bring that truly make the difference.
For dealerships looking to enhance their operations and customer experiences, the Fortellis Marketplace is the go-to platform. Ready to navigate your next success story?

Embrace the future with the Fortellis Marketplace and redefine your dealership's success.

Authored on Mon, 10/09/2023 - 19:13