CDK Global has published an exciting new Hailer add-on to the Fortellis Marketplace. Hailer Delivery powered by Lyft is an extension of the highly successful Hailer rideshare app for Service. When activated, Parts employees can now take advantage of Hailer’s smooth workflow to use rideshare services for their on-demand shipping and receiving needs.

Hailer Solved Mobility for Service

Introduced in the summer of 2019, Hailer quickly became popular in Service departments thanks to its API integration with Lyft, creating a seamless mobility workflow. Over 1,400 dealerships across the country have seen the benefits of Hailer and signed up to use this new technology. Hailer’s fast adoption is possible thanks to deep integration with CDK Drive and CDK Service. This integration provides a smooth workflow experience for Service team members, and seamless payment integration down to the repair order.

Hailer manages thousands of rides for dealers each week. Initially, the tool was used to move customers to and from the dealership, replacing shuttle services and rental cars. In the wake of COVID-19, many dealers began to use Hailer as part of their touchless service process, utilizing Lyft's transportation network for vehicle pickup and drop-offs in quarantined areas.

Introducing Hailer Delivery for Parts

The Hailer Delivery add-on for Parts extends the capabilities of Hailer to Parts department workflows. Now your Parts department can employ the power of Hailer to meet their daily delivery needs, with these additional features:

  • Parts team assigned access from CDK Drive or CDK Service
  • Request a pickup or delivery with the same on-demand functions used by Service
  • Have charges posted directly to a Parts invoice

Hailer Screen Shot All Parts-related transactions can be tracked within the Hailer dashboard to provide department-level insight. Custom delivery rules can also be created to keep the department within budget. See how you can sign up for Hailer or to request Hailer Delivery for your existing app here.

Flexible, Scalable and Fast

In the world of automotive service, just-in-time inventory is often a difficult proposition. Efficient parts acquisition is more important than ever — especially now, when Service business can fluctuate depending on health and safety restrictions. When business increases quickly, your Parts team can take advantage of a highly scalable fleet of parts runners and vehicles through Hailer to meet nearly any need. Parts can be quickly acquired from your existing network of local sources to meet shop needs through Hailer’s frictionless and fully integrated process.

A “Prime”-Type Experience for Accessory Customers

Customers are customizing their vehicles soon after purchase with accessories ranging from floormats to cargo organizers and roof rack cross bars to cargo units. These self-installed items are often considered in the spur of the moment. You can meet the need for these products with an Amazon Prime-like, same-day delivery option, improving the purchase experience and increasing the likelihood of repeat sales in the future.

We’re Committed to Your Success

We understand how important it is for dealers to create great experiences and build important connections with their customers through trust and transparency. Beginning now and through December 2021, We’re pleased to offer dealers Hailer Delivery powered by Lyft with no setup, monthly charges or integration fees. During this time, you will only be billed for ride fees and applicable taxes.

Get started with Hailer Delivery today

Authored on Fri, 06/12/2020 - 07:20