Brent Kenyon
by Brent Kenyon

How much service do you want to sell?

A busy service lane is a great thing. It means your advisors and managers are selling, building trust with customers from the moment they drive into the service lane. The customer knows their recommendation is what their vehicle needs because the rationale behind the service and cost has been effectively communicated to them. That means the most difficult part is over, right? Not always.

Brent Kenyon


When Your Service Lane Is Long on Customers Who are Short on Time

One of the disadvantages of a busy service lane is that it can also mean long lines, full waiting areas and frustrated customers. Your advisors can take your customers through all the recommended steps for closing a service sale, from a genuine first greeting to a thorough presentation of costs complete with competitor pricing, only to falter on wait times.


“I don’t have time to wait,” can mean the customer is about to walk away from part or all of the recommended service, which means losing hundreds maybe thousands of dollars in service profit. Or, the customer could stay, wait, and take their frustration out on your CSI score later, no matter how good the experience was before or after that wait time. So how do you overcome the objections of a customer who rejects additional service or service altogether not because they don’t trust your advisors but because they just aren’t willing to wait?

Hailer by Fortellis: A Ride-Sharing Service Transportation Solution for Busy Service Lanes

“In a service department, the only thing we have to sell is time,” says Gary Wexler, GM, Honda of Dowtown Chicago. And good service takes time. Service lane waits are inevitable, but the resulting customer frustration doesn’t have to be. Hailer, integrated ride-sharing technology now offered through the service app of CDK Drive, can’t eliminate the time between starting and completing service but it can alleviate frustration.

Here’s how your team, with Hailer’s help, can close those service sales that lack of time and a fragmented software experience might have prevented in the past:


  • Empty the Dealership Waiting Area
    Customers can now “wait” at work, home or anywhere their Lyft can take them within the boundaries you set through Hailer. But most importantly, they won’t be waiting at the dealership.

  • Integrate and Save Valuable Minutes
    Ask for customer information just once! Hailer auto-populates information from the repair order directly into the ride-share interface, saving valuable minutes and allowing the next customer to step to the front of the line faster.

  • Go Above and Beyond
    For the cost of a ten-dollar ride-share, your service department could make thousands more in service provide. Hailer shares the comped cost of the share within the repair, giving your customers a full picture of the outstanding service experience your dealership offers.

Give us your info, and a bit of time and we'll show you how Hailer integrates seamlessly with CDK Drive to provide your customers with transportation to and from your dealership.

Authored on Fri, 08/02/2019 - 16:58