Efficiency and optimization are the twin engines driving the automotive industry forward. Amid increased competition and rapidly evolving customer expectations, dealerships are constantly seeking ways to integrate their systems, streamline operations and enhance productivity. Enter business apps for your dealership.

Apps are steering significant transformations across the automotive landscape, and many of these applications are readily available in the Fortellis App Marketplace. From improving operational workflows to delivering better customer experiences, becoming a pivotal part of the industry's digital toolkit.

Apps can put your dealership on the fast track to efficiency through system integrations and process automation. Think of tasks like scheduling services, managing vehicle inventory or processing orders — apps can automate these routine tasks, freeing your team so they can focus on building customer relationships and strategic decision making. McKinsey reports that 60% of occupations could have 30% of their activities automated, driving down costs and ramping up productivity.

In today's automotive industry, data is your navigational compass. Apps equipped with data analytics can provide critical insights into your dealership's performance, customer behavior and market trends. It can help you fine-tune your strategies and enable better data-driven decisions. Gartner predicts that by 2025, data storytelling will be a commonplace method of interpreting analytics, underscoring the critical role of context and narrative in driving data-based actions.

Business apps are becoming instrumental in driving operational efficiency within the automotive industry, and dealers can conveniently access a wide range of such apps through the Fortellis App Marketplace. By automating processes, enhancing communication and delivering data-driven insights, these modern digital tools are accelerating dealerships toward their efficiency goals. As an industry professional, embracing the right apps customized to your business needs is no longer optional — it's the way forward.

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Authored on Mon, 07/24/2023 - 13:11