Offering a simple but solid workflow process with deep integration capabilities

techWALL by Gratis Solutions offers more choices for dealers looking to improve efficiencies, improve employee morale, and increase profitability in the shortest length of time at the most affordable price on the market.

As a former Fixed Operations and BDC Director that oversaw 43 dealerships, my goal was to unify processes and procedures, create detailed enterprise-level reporting, increase profitability, and most of all, reduce third-party integration costs for each dealer. techWALL achieves all of this and more. The capabilities to structure techWALL to adhere to current processes that are in a dealership or dealer group are unlimited. Unlike other platforms on the market today, techWALL has been designed to be functional for every type of automotive service climate.

Many promises are often made by our competitors, but they’re either never achieved or take years to implement. If a dealership or dealer group is looking to reduce costs, and make their employees’ lives easier, techWALL is the solution to having complete accountability and increasing profit in their Fixed Operations Department.

A truly elegant fully functional system to address all the needs
of any size Fixed Operations department.


The most important aspect of the techWALL platform that benefits a dealer is not only its multifaceted functionalities, it’s also the fact that this single tool addresses many needs of a modern-day auto dealership. Automotive dealers have been coerced into having to use many third-party applications to achieve a desired outcome for their dealerships. This mismatch of systems has had many adverse effects, the least of which is the enormous expense.

Providing training for multiple systems, working with numerous vendors, paying for many different DMS interfaces and attempting to integrate systems that do not work well together are just some of the challenges dealers have to face. At techWALL, we refer to these outdated systems as the “Frankenstein code.” techWALL encompasses the entire needs of fixed operations, and with its sister platform, payWALL, it connects the variable and parts retail and wholesale sides as well. techWALL has been called “a truly elegant fully functional system to address all the needs of any size Fixed Operations department.”


Authored on Thu, 01/07/2021 - 19:29