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Some assignments really are sweeter than others. … read more

A busy service lane is a great thing. It means your advisors and managers are selling, building trust with customers from the moment they drive into the service lane... … read more
Five Reasons You Should Use Hailer in Your Service Drive
Here are five great reasons to use Hailer in your dealership's service lane. … read more
Flex Ride
Hailer, a leading ride sharing app for car dealers, announced a new feature today called Flex Rides. … read more
Fleet of cars
For the first time in nearly a decade, the average dealership is operating at or near a loss. … read more
Hailer is Taking All Star Hyundai Where They Want to Go
You know your Service department is more than just servicing cars. It’s also taking care of your customers. … read more
Selling Sales and Scaling Spiffs to Move Metal
What are Spiffs and how are they Used in Dealerships Today? … read more
I sat down with Cynthia Chen on the topic of CSI (Customer Service Index) scores, an industry term and measure used to improve the customer experience. … read more
Fortellis (dev) day Steals the Show in NYC
This spring’s (dev)day was held at the Helen Mills event center of NYC’s most storied neighborhoods. … read more
Look what we built together #devday at NADA 2019
(dev) day 2019 is in the books. The record books. … read more
Using the Implicit OAuth 2.0 Flow in Fortellis
I have just spent a few hours getting my demo web site to work with the Implicit OAuth 2.0 flow. … read more
We recently spoke with Lisa Mork, the Development Program Manager on the Fortellis team. … read more