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Fleet of cars
For the first time in nearly a decade, the average dealership is operating at or near a loss. … read more
Hailer is Taking All Star Hyundai Where They Want to Go
You know your Service department is more than just servicing cars. It’s also taking care of your customers. … read more
Selling Sales and Scaling Spiffs to Move Metal
What are Spiffs and how are they Used in Dealerships Today? … read more
I sat down with Cynthia Chen on the topic of CSI (Customer Service Index) scores, an industry term and measure used to improve the customer experience. … read more
Fortellis (dev) day Steals the Show in NYC
This spring’s (dev)day was held at the Helen Mills event center of NYC’s most storied neighborhoods. … read more
Look what we built together #devday at NADA 2019
(dev) day 2019 is in the books. The record books. … read more
Using the Implicit OAuth 2.0 Flow in Fortellis
I have just spent a few hours getting my demo web site to work with the Implicit OAuth 2.0 flow. … read more
We recently spoke with Lisa Mork, the Development Program Manager on the Fortellis team. … read more
CDK Global Adds Financial Technology Integrations to Fortellis Automotive Commerce Exchange™ Platform
CDK Global, a leading enabler of end-to-end automotive commerce, today announced that AutoFi has have agreed to consume digital retailing app programming interfaces (APIs) from the Fortellis Automotive Commerce Exchange platform. … read more
Why Platforms? - Innovate For Scale, Scope and Speed
Due to the rapid evolution in customer demands and needs, the first question to any technology company is becoming are you a product company or a platform company? … read more
Acquiring OAuth tokens with the Implicit Flow
OAuth tokens can be acquired through various different flows, depending on the use case. … read more
Providers play a key role in Fortellis as the ultimate source of automotive data and functionality. This post explores how this vital piece fits in to the rest of the Exchange. … read more